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November 8th

Two-Channel HD Video, 13:00

On November 8th 1939 Georg Elser,
a German protestant carpenter tried to assassinate Hitler during a speech he gave at a landmark Munich beer hall. 
The bomb exploded exactly 13 min after Hitler has left the speaker podium. 8 people were killed. 63 injured. 
In the 1970s the beer hall was demolished and a new Hilton hotel was built on top of it.
This is the location where I shot this work. It deals with notions of collective memory, or in the case of post-war Germany, mechanism of forgetting through real-estate. 
The non-space generic hotel, which covers for the absence of the nationalist beer hall space, and the residues of a non-event that was 13 min away of becoming an event that changes history. 
The work also investigates time thorough the exploration of cinematic time in regard to actual time, historical time and the ways time gain importance and meaning retroactively.

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