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Position Zero

Two-Channel HD Video, 08:30

The Kibbutz was a utopian experiment, for many years considered the vanguard of the Zionist movement, the premier site for the creation and nurture of the ‘new Jewish man’ in Israel. As a utopian socialist project, the Kibbutz collective community attempted a far-reaching redefinition of fundamental concepts of society, economy, religion, and family values, in both theory and practice. The work was made from reassembled video footage of an earthquake evacuation drill that took place last year in the Kibbutz I grew up in (Ein Hahoresh). Upon the occasion of the planed demolition of the old communal Laundromat building a local team has joined Israeli, American and German military forces to practice their deployment in the event of a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake. This footage and other material are recomposed here to create a Western of sorts, revealing some underlying points of contiguity between the aesthetics and values of these seemingly very different visions of ‘pioneering’.

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